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Donmai-Kagurachan "ONNA-ONI"

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has been discontinued.
After receiving the order, it will be shipped about 5 days later.

Handmade dolls that dance in response to voices and sounds.
The masks are handcrafted one by one by skilled craftsmen using traditional craft techniques, using Japanese paper designated as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.
The costumes are also made with genuine sewing techniques, weaving gold and silver threads that are characteristic of Kagura costumes, and carefully sewn with the same technique as real Kagura costumes, giving a gorgeous finish.
If you clap your hands or make a sound, it will move and dance to the music of Kagura.

We want more people to see, touch, and enjoy the beauty of [Kagura] and the craftsmanship that underpins it.
"Let's make an unprecedented doll that fits the style of the future!"
"Let's make an unprecedented doll that fits the modern style!" A doll made.

↓Click here to see how the doll moves↓

Height: Approx. 30cm
Width: Approx. 30cm
Depth: Approx. 23cm
Handling: globe.Co., Ltd.

[Handling About]
・ Uses 3 AA batteries (not included, please prepare by yourself.)
・ Colors may differ slightly depending on the shooting location and your monitor environment . Please note.