Bringing Kagura closer

Since ancient times in various parts of Japan, "Kagura" has been handed down to the present as a Shinto ritual that appreciates nature and gods.
Expressive faces of gods and demons, gorgeous costumes with gold pieces and three-dimensional embroidery, and the world view.


With the tradition and skill of the craftsman

The kagura masks and embroidery made by the craftsmen add to the expression and brilliance of the kagura dance.
We hope that all of you from overseas will know about these gems and pick them up, and with the cooperation of those who are involved in the front lines of Kagura, we were able to handle them.
Since everything is made by hand, it is a made-to-order product.

Everyday life is also dyed with Kagura

We have a lineup of Kagura products that you can use every day, from cute goods to everyday items such as apparel and glasses, to limited items such as bags and card cases that have only one item.